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Basic knowledge of tank car accessories

Release time:2023-03-29  Views:280
Both fuel tankers and oil tankers belong to oil tankers and dangerous goods transportation vehicles. Compared to other vehicles, oil tankers have a relatively high risk factor, so there are relatively few people driving such vehicles. It is important to know that there are many accessories on oil tankers, and they are different from other vehicles. Therefore, if you want to drive oil tankers, you must have professional knowledge and be familiar with the components and performance of the vehicles.
Manhole cover: The manhole cover is installed on the top of the oil tank truck and has functions such as rollover prevention, emergency explosion prevention, etc. It is equipped with a built-in breathing valve. When there is a pressure difference between the inside and outside of the square tank, it can automatically adjust the air intake or exhaust, and adjust the pressure inside the tank.
Subsea valve: Subsea valve, also known as emergency shut-off valve, is generally installed at the bottom of the tank. When a pipeline or valve is accidentally broken, it can keep the tank sealed, improve the leakage of liquid in the tank, and improve the safety and reliability of transportation.
Oil unloading valve: The oil unloading valve is installed at the bottom of the tank side, and is connected by a quick connector. It can quickly unload oil. It is an important component for filling oil at the bottom, achieving rapid separation without dripping and leakage, and is safe and reliable.
Oil and gas recovery valve: Installed on the manhole cover or directly on the top of the tank to control the flow of gas into or out of the tank during oil loading and unloading by the tank truck. It is a key component for achieving oil and gas recovery.
Oil and gas recovery joint: The oil and gas recovery joint is installed under the vehicle body near the oil unloading valve or at the parking space. It adopts a quick connection form, facilitating the main components of the vehicle and external devices for oil and gas recovery during loading and unloading.
Anti overflow probe rod: The anti overflow probe rod is mainly used to detect the oil content in the tank. When the oil content exceeds a certain amount, it will transmit a signal to the internal terminal, prompting the filling station to stop loading, thereby ensuring the safety of oil loading.

Combination switch: Also known as pneumatic combination switch, it is used for centralized control of pneumatic valves on oil tank trucks, including a series of pneumatic valves such as oil and gas recovery valves, side vent valves, and pneumatic emergency shut-off valves, to achieve rapid opening and closing, and to achieve remote control

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