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Do you know what accessories are available on the tanker

Release time:2023-03-29  Views:269
Although many customers drive oil tankers, they do not yet understand what parts are available on the tanker, but for a professional tanker driver, they must have professional knowledge.
1、 The submarine valve, commonly known as the emergency shut-off valve, is installed at the bottom of the tank car. Our company produces a stainless steel lined F46 shell to effectively prevent corrosion to the valve body. Moreover, the hydraulic transmission mode has been upgraded, making it more stable and safer than pneumatic transmission. Our submarine valve meets the requirements of relevant standards, ensuring no liquid leakage after emergency shutdown.
2、 The built-in breathing valve can automatically exhaust or inhale under a certain pressure difference, adjust the pressure difference inside and outside the tank, and has a dumping and overflow prevention function to prevent liquid overflow when the vehicle overturns, making the tank car safe and reliable during transportation.
3、 The manhole cover, installed on the top of the tank car, is a passageway for people to enter and exit the tank body, and is also an important loading port on the car. The manhole cover is equipped with three auxiliary ports, which can be used to install oil and gas recovery methods, anti overflow probe rods, oil measuring holes, or external breathing valves.
4、 The oil unloading valve, mainly installed at the bottom of the tank side, is a key component for achieving fast, leak free bottom loading and unloading. The main body is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is sturdy, wear-resistant, and corrosion resistant.
5、 The anti overflow probe rod is mainly used on oil tankers to detect the refueling situation in the tank. When the fuel is overfilled, the internal terminal model acts, prompting the refueling platform to stop refueling, thereby ensuring the safety of refueling.
6、 The oil and gas recovery valve is mainly installed on the manhole cover or directly on the tank top. It is an important component for achieving oil and gas recovery. It is available in two materials, aluminum alloy and stainless steel, with oxidation treatment on the surface, and has strong corrosion resistance and wear resistance.
7、 The side plate vent valve is installed on the oil and gas recovery pipeline at the top and rear end of the tank car, with the outlet facing downward at 45 degrees from the horizontal direction, effectively preventing dust and debris from accumulating or entering the valve, which is in a normally open state

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