Five Special Precautions for Oil Tank Truck Parts

Release time:2023-03-31  Views:100
1. Which parts of a tanker are susceptible to heat? Rubber seals, engine pistons, triangular tape, tires, and the coils of vehicle bearings and electrical equipment such as generators, starters, regulators. 2. Which components are afraid of pressure? "Oil pipes, tire casings, triangular tape, rubber oil seals, and other components are prone to pressure phobia. Users should pay special attention to these components when repairing and maintaining oil tankers. If you take good care of these components, it will greatly reduce the frequency of vehicle failures and increase the service life of your oil tankers.". 3. Which parts should not be contaminated with oil? Paper filter elements for engine dry air filters, triangular tape, brake shoes, friction plates for dry clutches, brake bands, carbon brushes for starter motors and generators, and some rubber products. 4. Which components are indispensable for oil tankers? Flywheel bolts, engine valve locks, connecting rod bolts, lock screws installed on transmission shaft bolts, cotter pins, safety clips, or spring pads, and other locking devices, as well as oil filler caps, fuel tank caps, and water tank caps, are missing. 5. Which parts of the fuel tank truck are prone to dirt and are regularly replaced? There are fuel filters, oil filters, air filters, hydraulic oil filters, various types of filters and radiator parts for water tanks, air-cooled engine blocks and cylinder heads, as well as cooler fins. The maintenance quality of oil tankers determines the cost of future maintenance and the length of their service life. It is also closely related to your performance and safety in driving, so it cannot be ignored.

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